Mac automatically connect to wifi network

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When this happens, various types of Internet problems arise on all connected devices. Among the usual symptoms would include but not limited to slow Internet browsing, intermittent Internet connection or no Internet connection at all. For minor symptoms, rebooting or power cycling the network equipment will likely solve the problem.

How to forget a Wi-Fi network on your Mac, so your computer stops automatically connecting to it

If you can access your wireless router or modem at the moment, then you can consider this as the first workaround and possible solution to try. The above procedure should suffice if the problem is attributed to minor firmware crashes on the modem or wireless router.

But if the problem continues, then the next thing you should do is to rule out minor system issues with your Mac.

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Alternatively, you can do the usual system reboot through these subsequent procedures. Another way to reboot your Mac is through the Control keys. If you want your computer to restart without asking you to confirm your command, just press the Control, Command, and Eject keys at the same time. After it reboots, reconnect to WiFi and then see if the problem is gone.

Disconnecting from and reconnecting to your WiFi network can also help fix random symptoms affecting wireless Internet connections. Doing so will help refresh the Internet connection and eliminate minor errors affecting WiFi functions. Join or connect to your preferred WiFi network and then try browsing through different websites with Safari. If the problem is attributed to a corrupted WiFi network, then forgetting WiFi can be the key to rectifying the error. You can forget all stored WiFi networks from your Mac to make sure none of them is causing conflict with the selected WiFi network.

Hint: Alternatively, click the Apple logo on the top-left corner then select System Preferences. If you see other saved WiFi networks, remove them all using the same method. After forgetting all saved WiFi networks, reboot your Mac and then set up and reconnect to your WiFi network. The Mac will not automatically connect if it doesn't find any of the preferred networks, or if the preferred network requires a "password" that is unknown to the Mac.

In the Wi-Fi preferences, go into the advanced tab and drag your home Wi-Fi network to the top of the list.

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Remember to lock your settings once you are done. This should auto-connect once you switch on your AirPort. This helped for me On the list of networks, my home network was actually listed twice.

One instance was on the top, and the second way down the list. I moved the second instance to the top both instances now at the top and it now connects to the home network automatically.

How to stop auto-joining a wifi network on Mac in High Sierra

I couldn't figure out how to delete the old instance, but it seems fine so far for both of them to exist. I have spent about 6 years with 3 Macs with this kind of problem unresolved. I did not have it "in the very beginning", with some ancient versions of Mac OS X etc. Finally decided to look closer and it looks like it could be some "bug" that is related to the extra network settings that programs like VMWare Fusion, VirtualBox etc. Luckily, the automation service cron from the very old days seems to be still working in current Macs I've read some complaints it doesn't , and I got it to execute a script to connect to Wi-Fi if disconnected.

Apple: Prevent wifi auto connect

It is a two step process. First, run crontab -e in Terminal, and paste in that editor:.

Stay Safe! How to Prevent Your Devices From Auto-Connecting to Wi-Fi Networks

The most important line is the last, which executes macWiFireconnect. Then, the executable script macWiFireconnect. Listen now.

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For other devices Refer to your device's documentation or search online for "prioritizing wireless networks" for your device. Refer to your device's documentation or search online for "prioritizing wireless networks" for your device. January 25, at pm. Feb 1, PM in response to surf1der In response to surf1der. Especially when you visit sites that deals with pop-up or malware like porn or software piracy.

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